Krystal Engineering Plumbing and Gas Specialists

Regular Checks

Every home owner should have a yearly check on their property, whether it's for a gas appliance, oil appliance or there entire water system. In the type of world we live in today, there are so many clauses in house insurance policies, it's important to know you're covered. This can be achieved by ensuring that you have yearly checks on all necessary appliances.


Regulations are changing all the time and you should be sure to keep up with them. We agree completely that every house with a gas appliance should have a carbon monoxide detector fitted, it's regulations like this that save lives.

All our work is guaranteed to last 5 years and every appliance is checked yearly by a qualified gas engineer.


People easily forget about their water system when it's working fine; it's there, it's on tap, but what condition is the pipe work, tank or cistern in. Are they safe? And not only structurally, but health wise and do they comply with the current water regulations. Is it protected against frost? Do you know where to isolate it in an emergency? Does it work?

Prevention is cheaper than repair!

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on being as fully qualified as possible and registered with all the legal governing bodies. We also keep up to date with all the changes in the rules and regulations; and attend ongoing training and seminars. This accumulated knowledge passes on to all our clients through a quality service and value for money. We always treat our clients in a manner that we our selves would want to be treated, ensuring a good working environment.

We are just a phone call away, so call now.